360specs aims to manufacture and supply 360specs glasses to smartphone and tablet users, with the mission to enrich user experience, and create an innovative platform for immersive virtual reality. The company is also developing new user interfaces for virtual and augmented realities.


360specs glasses is a lightweight and inexpensive headset which you can use with your smart phone's favorite apps. At only a fraction of the cost of most headset displays currently on the market, it has a wide view-field, wireless, head motion tracking, and can even support 3D imaging. Because of its accessibility, and extensive uses we hope to revolutionize gaming, photo and video viewing, and virtual walk-throughs, among others. To use 360specs you simply slide your smartphone or tablet into 360specs view case and immerse into your favorite app.


Ray Latypov — Inventor. Some of Ray's previous projects and inventions are related to virtual reality, full body immersion, human locomotion inside VR, motion capture system, as well as interfaces for creating interactive video programs (one of the pioneer works in augmented and mixed reality areas).

Nurali Latypov, PhD — Inventor, former counselor of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, former counselor of the Mayor of Moscow, author of several books related to creative thinking and science.