360specs turns gadgets into a head mounted display

360specs features a headset which allows you to transform your smartphone or tablet into a virtual reality device. By using the display, orientation censors of the smartphone and the foundation of the headset 360specs immerses the user into the center of their virtual environment.

We've developed this product to give a virtual world immersion capability to a device people use on a daily basis, and in a very cost effective way!

With 360Specs you can be closer to your favorite apps, including social media and ebooks, and even watch movies with a wide view angle.

But we're most excited to deliver this product for an ultimate gaming experience! With a simple set-up you're upgraded to an exponentially larger viewing angle, complete track of head movement, and a potential for 3D sight. You essentially become part of the game world!

In the next few months we plan on beginning the manufacturing process for 360specs with compatibility with most of today's popular smartphones and tablets.

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Inventors are in negotiation process of licensing the technology with cell phone manufacturers.
December 2013